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    About Us
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            Xiangtan xiangyi instrument limited company is state-owned xiangtan instrument apparatus factory xianglan group to change the system a set to set up, province instrument gauge in Hunan manufacturing profession association managing irector's unit.The factory starts to set up in 1970, strong technique, abundant of instrument manufacturing the content has already had become the porcelain and ceramics of well-known, have no machine material experiment instrument profession produce factory, the domestic goes together an industry comprehensive the real strenght keep to lead level.

          More than 30 in the last years, my company takes aim at tightly and tightly advanced level at home and abroad, falling in love to concentrate on a porcelain and ceramics, having no machine nonmetal material and casting experiment instrument and other laboratory kit instrument of the development and the research.The product has becomes near ten major type, 100 various products, among them,20 various products fill up local blank, having the honor of acquiring each reward with ministries and commissions, province and city once and for many times. The product sells as far as the whole whole country, and batch quantity export.Extensively applied use in day with building porcelain and ceramics, industrial porcelain and ceramics, fire-proof material, foundry etc. profession and related and high etc. college, research hospital, product quality check bureau(school), the immigration examines medical inspection bureau, obtaining good and economic performance and social performance.

          Enter all with hour, the creative diagram is strong.In the last few years, my company inner part manages mechanism has efficiently to adapt a market economy request completely, the xiangyi factory for more than 30 years is filled with source of vitality and vitality, relying on a stateowned business enterprise strong technique, perfect of produce examination means and the business enterprise internal market to turn a movement mechanism, can dependablely provide toward the customer stable dependable high-quality product, hot liver careful and attentive service measure, the business reputation of[with] honest norm.

         Welcome each new old customer to my company instruction, investigation with all sincerity!








    Chairman: Zhang Xingxing Senior Engineer



    Respected customer: Hello!       

         Welcome to the website of Xiangtan Xiangyi Instrument Co., Ltd. You can understand the main products and performance of Xiangyi Instrument and Xiangyi Instrument in the most convenient way.

         On behalf of all the staff of Xiangtan Xiangyi Instrument Co., Ltd., I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, experts, friends from all walks of life and customers who have given warm concern and support to our company in the process of reform and development.

        The times have constantly pushed us to a new starting point. Xiangyi people are brave in facing challenges, always unwilling to ups and downs, seizing opportunities and fighting against waves. The enterprise spirit of "keeping pace with the times, innovating and striving for strength" has brought Xiangyi Instrument into a new era of succession and future creation. We adhere to the management concept of "honesty and quality" to serve customers, improve ourselves and achieve win-win situation. Our goal is to devote ourselves to building a dynamic and socially responsible enterprise full of the times.

        It's a pleasure to have friends coming from afar. The warm and hospitable Xiangyi people sincerely invite leaders, experts and customers to visit our company for guidance and inspection.

    AddNo.168 Xiaotang east road,German Industrial Park,  Xiangtan City,Hunan,China


    Tel:    86+731-58534888 ,      58534688     

                 86+136 0732 2318 ,    130 0732 3030


    Contacts:Zhang Xingxing,  Tang Yanlong and Zhang Yibing

    After-sale service:86+0731-58523384 ,    58560134  ,   58562236





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    Wechat number:136 0732 2318


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    Address:Add:No.168 Xiaotang east road,German Industrial Park,Xiangtan City,Hunan,China
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