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    • Name:DRL-III Thermal conductivity meterDescription:The instrument is the main test thin thermal conductor, solid electric insulation materials, heat conduction silicon grease, resin, rubber, beryllium oxide porcelain, alumina ceramics of material, such as thermal resistance and solid interface in thermal contact resistance and the thermal conductivity of materials. Test materials for solid

    • Name:DRH-Ⅱ coefficient of thermal conductivity tester (the hot plate method)Description:This instrument based on stable thermal conductive principle, one-way when sample, the two sides are in different stable temperature measurement, the heat transfer area through effective heat flow and surface temperature difference between the two, and thickness calculation coefficient of thermal conductivity.

    • Name:DRL-II Thermal conductivity meterDescription:Description:This instrument mainly tests thin heat conductor, solid electric insulating material, heat conduction resin, oxidizes the beryllium porcelain, oxidizes coefficient of ceramic heat conduction such as the aluminium porcelain to determine. The instrument consults the standard: MIL-I-49456A (insulating stretch of material, heat conduction resin, thermal conductance glass are strengthened finely); GB 5598-85 (oxidize beryllium porcelain heat conduction coefficient and determine the method); D5470-95 (the test standard of performance that thin thermal conductance solid electric insulating material conducts heat),etc.. Apply to large and medium universities and colleges extensively, R&D institution, quality testing department and material for producing factory analyze that measures. main parameter

    • Name:DRX-II Hotline thermal conductivity meterDescription:the law of hot line that one kind measures the law (not a law of steady state) dynamically. Principle its to measure along sample length direction burying underground in sample centre line shape Wen Sheng for a fixed period of time of heat source.

    • Name:DRH-II Thermal conductivity testerDescription:

    • Name:DRM-IIThermal conductivity testerDescription:

    • Name:DRS-Ⅱheat conductivity tester (discharge of water flat band method)Description:this instrument is suitable for the fireproof heat preservation, the ceramic fibre, the felt, spins materials and so on fabric, board, brick under the different temperature the thermal conductivity test. Meet standards YB/T 4130-2005 fire-proof material thermal conductivity testing method (discharge of water flat band method), GB/T 17911 refractory ceramics textile fiber product thermal conductivity experimental technique and so on. Widespread application in major and medium colleges and universities, Scientific research Unit, quality testing department and plant material analysis examination.

    • Name:DRJ-IImetal high temperature thermal conductivity testerDescription:this instrument uses the test specimen direct circular telegram longitudinal heat flow law, is suitable surveys the metal in 80°~900℃ the temperature range not to have under the transformation temperature the thermal conductivity, completes the test automatically by the computer. Has satisfied the material examination Research department to the metallic material thermal conductivity test request. Instrument reference standard: GB/T3651-83 "Metal High temperature Thermal conductivity Measuring technique".

    • Name:BRR-II/III Increasment testerDescription:BRR increasment tester The measuring device increasment by cooling method. For those uneven quality of soil characteristics, in the amount of sampling on fully considered the representative. In the sample center can be measured accurately, insert thermocouple sample of heat transfer process, and the temperature numerical comparison, can judge thermocouple temperature after heat transfer to balance. The device adopts the high accuracy of measurement temperature highlighted.it thermocouple and watch, to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

    • Name:heat conductivity tester (plate heat flow meter law)Description:this instrument uses internationally the popular heat flow meter examination thermal conductivity and the thermal resistance method, matches the computer to realize the completely automatic examination, the production test report. Uses simulates the aluminum alloy molding actual service condition to carry on the test, faces in the molding joins the stable fire surface temperature openly, the quantity of heat transmits (room temperature) grimly through the molding, the survey transmission"s heat flow may calculate the thermal conductivity and the thermal resistance. The molding environment uses the natural air environment, with the aluminum alloy molding actual use environment match case, the thermal conductivity which and the thermal resistance data obtains not can only judge the aluminum alloy molding accurately the heat-transfer property, moreover provides the powerful data support for the reality engineering design computation. this test method is simple, quick, the duplication is good. Is suitable for the molding heat transfer aspect research and the development. May also use in tests and so on plastic, rubber, graphite, thermal insulation material, widespread application in universities, colleges and institutes, scientific research courtyard, quality testing, factories and mines. this instrument reference standard: ASTM C518-04 uses the heat flow meter law determination stable state heat flux and the heat transfer characteristic testing method.


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