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    DRL-III Thermal conductivity meter




    DRL-III coefficient of thermal conductivity tester (heat flow method)
    A, this
    The instrument is the main test thin thermal conductor, solid electric insulation materials, heat conduction silicon grease, resin, rubber, beryllium oxide porcelain, alumina ceramics of material, such as thermal resistance and solid interface in thermal contact resistance and the thermal conductivity of materials. Test materials for solid flake, add around the box can detect the powder materials and paste material state.
    Instrument reference standards: MIL-I-49456 A (insulation sheet material, heat conduction resin, thermal conductivity fiberglass enhancement); GB 5598 85 (beryllium oxide porcelain coefficient of thermal conductivity measuring method); ASTM D5470-2006 (thin the thermal conductivity of the solid electrical insulating materials of heat transfer performance testing standards), etc.
    Instrument characteristics: with automatic pressure, automatic measurement device, and even the thick computer to realize automatic control. The apparatus adopts 6 point temperature gradient, improve the testing precision of test. Under different pressure can detect the thermal resistance curve, adopting the optimization mathematical model, can measure materials coefficient of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance and thermal contact resistance of the interface between DuoGe parameters.
    Widely used in colleges, scientific research units, quality inspection department and thermal analysis of factory materials detection.
    The main parameters
    1, sample size: Φ 30 mm
    2, sample thickness: 0.02-20 mm
    3, thermal control temperature range: room temperature is 99.99 ℃
    4, freezing temperature control range: 0-99.0 ℃
    5, the thermal conductivity test range: 0.05 ~ 45 W/m * k
    6, thermal resistance test range: 0.05 ~ 0.000005 m2 * K/W
    7, pressure measurement range: 0 ~ 1000 N
    8, displacement measurement range: 0 ~ 30.00 mm
    9, testing precision: better than 3%
    10, the experimental form: a, samples under different pressure thermal resistance test. B, materials coefficient of thermal conductivity test. C, thermal contact resistance test.
    11, computer automatic test, and realize the data printing output.








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