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    DRH-V Automatic dual flat-panel thermal conductivity detector (guarded hot pla






    DRH-V  automatic double flat thermal conductivity detector is based on the principle of unidirectional stable thermal conductivity, when the specimen, the lower sides in different stable temperature, measured by the sample effective heat transfer area of ??the heat flow and sample temperature difference between the two surfaces and thickness, calculated thermal conductivity. Meet the high-precision test requirements of the the material detection research department of the thermal conductivity of the material. My company independent research and development of electronic circuits, computer software for the whole process of automatic monitoring and control. This machine has a computer automatic thickness measurement, automatic compression, measuring the thermal conductivity pressure. Automatic data acquisition, data processing, print reports, and data storage. Measuring short time, accurate data, good repeatability, high degree of automation.

    The thermal conductivity detector test plastics, rubber, glass, fiber, benzene board, extruded sheet, foam concrete, hollow glass, wood, insulation materials homogeneous plate material, at the same time can be measured pellets, bulk material , soft materials such as the thermal conductivity of the various substances

    Applicable standards:
    GB/T10294-2008 "adiabatic the material steady state thermal resistance and related properties -";
    GB/T3399-1982 "plastic thermal conductivity test methods - guarded hot plate method";
    GB/T10801.1-2002 "insulation Styrofoam provisions on the measurement of the thermal conductivity of rigid polyurethane foam material;
    GB/T10801.2-2002: . Specified in the measurement of the thermal conductivity of the extruded polystyrene foam;
    GB/T3139-2005 "fiber reinforced plastic thermal conductivity test methods;
    GB / T 17794-2008 "flexible foam rubber insulation products

    Technical indicators:
    1 Thermal conductivity:
    Measuring range: 0.010-3.000 W / (m2 / K)
             Measurement accuracy: ± 2%, Repeatability: ± 1%

    2 hot surface temperature measurement range: room temperature -150 ℃ Temperature resolution: 0.01 ° C.
    The cold noodles temperature measurement range :0-60 ℃, Temperature Resolution: 0.01 ° C
    (Can be selected according to user requirements: -5 to 60 ℃ -30 to 60 ℃).
    3 Thickness Measurement Range :0-100mm, resolution: 0.001mm
    4. Pressure measurement range :0-500N, Resolution: 0.1N
    Specimen standard size: 300mm × 300mm × H (5-50mm) (can be noted in the user requirement customized other specifications)
    6 full computer automatic detection and data processing systems, and general-purpose computer to match
    7, the power supply: 220V 50HZ.500W

    ★ Online Temperature Calibration: unique technology, calibration instruments is simple, fast, and improve the accuracy of more than 3 times.
    ★ short test time: 90 - 120 minutes.
    ★ measuring range: the range 0.010 3.00w / (m.K).
    ★ automatic thickness measurement: the computer automatically measured thick, reduce human error.
    ★ automatic compression system; computer automatic compression, the thermal conductivity of the test at different pressures than the artificial pressure more scientific, more data, repeatability better
    ★ measurement types: In addition to measuring a rigid, matching various accessories, can measure a variety of special materials. For example: the particulate material, bulk material, soil, and soft materials, liquids, etc..





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